Mental Health Clinic

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We offer all patients with mental health issues an annual health review, thus providing an opportunity to discuss any mental or physical concerns they may have.

The review is divided into two parts, a 30 minutes appointment within the treatment room followed by a 10 minute appointment with your GP.

During the first appointment we update all your personal information for example height and weight, make sure we have the right contact details and will advise on any immunisations that may be outstanding etc. Blood forms will be given for routine cholesterol and glucose checks and may also included some other tests if you are taking certain prescribed medications that require monitoring.

We also use this opportunity to discuss any support you maybe receiving outside of the practice i.e. consultants, CPN’s, day centres etc., and make sure you are happy with the level of care that your are receiving. Referrals or contact numbers can be provided if required.

You then visit the GP for the second part of the review. Within this consultation you can discuss your medication, topics that may have arisen during the first part of your consultation and any other concerns that you may have.