Non NHS Work

These fees are based on recommendations made by the British Medical Association. Information regarding fees not included in this list can be obtained from the Thatcham Medical Practice Reception.

Note: Fees are subject to change. Please confirm prior to payment.

Thatcham Medical Practice Price List
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Vaccinations (all vaccine prices are per single injection)
Hepatitis B £50.00
Rabies £65.00
Men ACWY £60.00
Japanese Encephalitis £95.00
Paediatric Japanese Encephalitis £65.00
Tick-Borne Encephalitis £80.00
Yellow Fever £75.00
Yellow Fever Cert replacement £20.00
Private Prescription £15.00
Holiday Cancellation Form £26.00
Malaria Private PX £10.00
Hep A & B Combination £65.00
Paed Hep A & B Combination £65.00
Hep A £49.00
Paed Hep A £49.00
Typhoid £49.00
DT&P Polio Combination (revaxis) £49.00
Cholera £65.00
Cremation certificate £82.00
Court of Protection forms- With exam £121.00
Court of Protection forms – Without exam £30.00
Short Exam & Report (15min) £60.50
Full Exam & Report (30 min) £121.00
HGV/PSV Medical £125.00
ECG Report & Reading £55.00
Diving Medical from £150
Lighter life / Cambridge Diet – Initial Consult £35.00
                                                              Review Consult £15.00
Private Consultations – per 10 mins £50 up to 10 minute consultation and £30 per 10 minutes thereafter.
Private Sick Cert £20.00
Complicated sick note (requiring notes being checked) £35.00
Private Prescription £15.00
Fitness to Travel certificate (no exam) £35.00
Pilot Licence renewal £30.00
Reports & Letters
Insurance reports From £35
Adoption form no medical These are dictated by the board dealing with adoption
Adoption form with medical These are dictated by the board dealing with adoption
OFSTED/Childminder report Government advised fee
To Whom it May Concern’ letter £35.00
Housing Letter In some circumstances a fee of £20 may be charged.
School Letter £30.00
Shot Gun / firearms Licence £50.00
Private consulation with Nurse £40.00
Solicitor reports
Basic £100.00
Medium (over A4) £140.00
Long 2x A4 £160.00
Extra Long more than 2x A4 £175 to £250