Training Practice

TMP is an approved training practice. We are involved in the final stages of training qualified doctors who are experienced in hospital medicine. Their year in general practice completes their training to become a GP. They are known as GP registrars. All appointments offered by the GP Registrars are in addition to the appointments usually available with the doctors at TMP.

Our GP in training is Dr Suvra Pathi, Dr Kate Ellis and Dr Sarah Johnson. Our trainers are Dr Richard Rudgley and Dr Rachel Sylvester.

On occasions, TMP also has medical students, student nurses, health visitors and midwifery students. As an approved training practice, many educational opportunities are available for teaching and learning. It recognises the quality of care that we provide and it ensures that we are kept up to date with the latest advances in the field.

What difference will this make to you?

  • The GP or Clinician may hold joint surgeries / home visits with the Registrar or student.
  • You may see the Registrar instead of your own GP but you will be informed of this when you book an appointment.
  • Initially, the Registrar may have a longer appointment but these will shorten to the usual 10 minute time slot.
  • Some consultations may be filmed. The tapes will only be viewed by doctors and are destroyed within one year. You will always be asked to give written consent before the consultation. If you would prefer not to be filmed, please say at the start of your consultation. It will not affect your future care in any way.

If you prefer not to see a registrar, please advise the receptionist when you are booking your appointment.

As an established and respected training practice, TMP works with the Thames Valley Primary Care Agency Research Partnership, in conjunction with the Universities of Oxford and Southampton. Patients may be invited to attend to help with their research. Alternatively, TMP may ask you to consent to sharing information with them.

It is entirely your choice as to whether you take part in any study and we will never release any medical information without your consent.