Violent or Abusive Patients

Tackling Violence Against Staff Protocol

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Practice to protect its staff against unacceptable behaviour that may compromise their safety, health and/or welfare; therefore any form of violence, harassment and abuse against staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Violence, harassment and abuse, against staff is a crime, and the Practice will work with Police and The Criminal Prosecution Service locally to prevent them. This policy has been introduced in line with the requirements of the Secretary of State Directions on work to tackle violence against staff and professionals who work in or provide services to the NHS.


This policy applies to violence and aggression to Practice staff from patients and visitors anywhere where staff are undertaking Practice business.

This Policy forms part of the Practice’s Risk Management Policies/Procedures Manual and Human Resources Policies and Procedures.

Unacceptable behaviour displayed by Practice Staff is dealt with in the Dignity at Work Policy and is not covered by this Policy.


The purpose of this policy is to provide the framework for protecting staff against unacceptable behaviour displayed by patients or visitors. It also outlines the procedure for the sanction and withdrawal of treatment that can be applied to offenders.

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